VPN for Windows Vista | VPN Windows Vista

UPDATE 2022: Windows Vista was discontinued in 2017, and Microsoft no longer offer support for this operating system. For the more recent version of this article, which includes a guide for newer versions of Windows such as Windows 10 and 11, click here!


Windows has been the strongest and the most popular Operating System among the computer users over years. And with time the popularity of Windows OS has increased in a rapid progression. One of the most popular versions of Windows till date is Windows Vista. This specific version of windows has been particularly popular because of its inclusion of many built in user interactivity based on application procedure and wonderful graphics. In many important places like the educational institutions and the workplaces, Windows Vista is a popular name due to its extreme user friendly interface.

Internet and VPN for Windows Vista:

Internet connectivity is very easy to set up in Windows Vista. As the network set up wizard directs with all the necessary instruction in an easy to understand language, any IT novice will be able to set up a internet connection and a windows vista VPN.

Popularity of VPN:

Due to the many interesting benefits, all the VPN services are very popular in the world. The VPN services provide security for your windows operating system and a safe data transmission tunneling for your internet usage. Besides, all sorts of firewalls and internet blockage can be worked out with the help of a windows vista VPN service.

Setting up a Service of VPN for Windows Vista:

In the former Windows OS, such set ups were very much difficult, while the new OS like Windows Vista has made the life fairly easy for the aspiring VPN service users. Before starting with the procedure, you simply have to get a valid registration with an efficient VPN service Provider. To set up a VPN connection for the windows Vista installed in your system you simply have to follow a series of actions:

  • From the Start Menu, you have to first click the Control panel.
  • Select the Classic View for the Windows.
  • Select and open the Network and sharing center.
  • Select the tab saying ‘Set up a connection or network.’
  • In the next dialogue box, you should pick ;Connect to a workplace’
  • Afterwards, you have to choose the setting for ‘Use my Internet Connection’
  • And in the next tab you have to write the IP address of the server you are trying to connect to.
  • And afterwards the user name and the password that your VPN service provider have given you, should be in the forms.
  • And then the VPN connection set up with your VPN service provider will be installed and set up in your system.

The Best Windows Vista VPN:

Out of all the available services that provide VPN service for Windows Vista OS, you can choose the best one for you based on the following list of services that are seemingly the better ones in the VPN industry.