Windows XP VPN | Best VPN for Windows XP

UPDATE 2022: Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft since 2014. Hence, we no longer updating this article. To learn more about The Best of VPN Providers of Windows, click here to learn more!


Windows XP is one of the best and popular versions of Windows that has been created by the Microsoft Corporation. This version of Windows has been initiated for personal usage in computer and other devices that support the operating system. Besides, it is also made for business and home desktops, media centers and laptops. However, Windows XP was released in 2001, and has already become the most favorite choices among users due its exclusive features in order to make it more users friendly.

Windows XP is known for their multiuser operating system that can support multiple accessing at a time through multiple instances of GUI with the contribution of Windows terminal server or through the distributed services. Besides, the desktop version of terminal servers can multiplex the mouse, keyboard and monitor between the virtual terminal sessions for every logged in user. This unique feature is known as the “fast user switching” that allows of a personal computer or laptop without logging on or off into the system. Moreover, Windows XP does use the architecture of client’s server in order to activate the multiuser operating system. This Windows version was the first one where 64-bit version was introduced.

Significant features of Windows XP:

  1. Windows XP provides an exceptional level of security for their users in order to protect themselves from several unwanted software and Trojans attack.
  2. Windows XP is one of the most reliable operating systems present in the market.
  3. In case of compatibility, this version of Windows has introduced a unique type of compatibility layer that falls between the Win.32 APIs and application.
  4. Windows XP can provide high class performance in case of desktop systems and these are mostly initiated by the server systems, I/O performance and large multi processor environments along with multi threaded environments.
  5. It has the capability of keep itself upgraded along with the progression of technology. Therefore, it has been upgrading many of the key features since its development.
  6. Moreover, this version of Windows can provide enough flexibility of moving one to another type of hardware’s architecture with relative ease.
  7. It has become so popular due its usability as it is specifically designed for both multinational and international use.

VPN for Windows XP Users:

With increasing usage of Internet service, people prefer to get most of their needs through using this service as it takes less time to complete the work. However, with increasing demand of Internet, it has become more vulnerable than before as people are using this service for business or purchasing purposes too. There are lots of incidences where users got hacked down by the hacker while surfing through random websites. Therefore, online security has been a significant issue at present era. Moreover, users are searching for the solution in order to obtain a secured online service while surfing through their favorite websites or use the email service for personal works. Unfortunately, there are not any fruitful services available for users that can provide adequate online security and privacy service while browsing into the cyber space.

There is only possible opportunity available for them, and the service is used the virtual network in order to provide a secured service for their customers. This specialized service is known as the VPN or virtual private network through which users can preserve their personal information safely without getting into any sort of trouble. Besides, this VPN for windows XP service provides an additional support through using a secured encryption process where users can easily transfer their personal data traffics through a specified VPN tunneling system.

However, Windows XP VPN can provide a certain level of online security as it uses the Point to Point Tunneling Protocol or PPTP system and the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol or L2TP system. Both of these tunneling systems help to encrypt data traffics with a secured manner.

How to set up a connection in Windows XP VPN service:

In order to connect your VPN service, you will have to follow some steps to make it connected to a specific remote access server. Instructions of setting up a Windows XP VPN connection are listed below:

  1. First, open the control panel.
  2. Then, click into the icon named as “Network Connections” in the control panel. You will get a list of LAN and dial-up connections.
  3. After selecting one, you will have to click into an option called “Create a New Connection”. Then, you will get a new connection wizard for further progression.
  4. After getting there, you have to click into “Next” button and then, select the option called “Connect to the network at my workplace” from the available list. After that, you have to click “Next” button again.
  5. On the page of network connection wizard, you have to click into the option termed as the “Virtual Private Network Connection” and then, click “Next”.
  6. Then, you will have to enter the desired name for the new connection of VPN in the field of “Company Name” and click “Next” button. However, you have to make sure that, your preferred company name does not match up with the preferred user name.
  7. You will have to select an option named as “Public Network” and click “Next” button to get into further installation process.
  8. You will need to enter the specific IP address or name of the remote access server of your VPN service and click into “Next” button. Here, you will get this information through your company’s network administrators.
  9. After getting there, you will have to click into an option “Connection Availability” and click “Next” button. Here, you will see a default option “My Use Only” that ensures that Windows will make the new connection available only to that particular user that has logged on. Otherwise, you will have to select the option named as “Anyone Use”.
  10.  Click the “Finish” button in order to complete the network connection wizard. After that, you have to save all the information related to your Windows XP VPN connection.

Best VPN Service for Windows XP:

Microsoft only allows those VPN services that are compatible with L2TP or PPTP protocol system. There are several paid VPN services available that offer different type of unique features for their customers. Moreover, these specialized services are compatible with most of the popular type of protocols available along with devices. Therefore, you have to check out their capability through asking for the trial services in order to make sure about the efficacy and compatibility.

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