What Is Logged Into a VPN Connection?

The security issue over Internet has recently been the hot most topic in the cyber world. With lots of unwanted information robbing incidents happening around and with the increasing demand of the Internet Services, it is definite that the number of internet users seeking for a safer web environment is also increasing. Besides, because of the increased number of users, the web based security systems are also getting into trouble in terms of chaos maintenance and traffic management. In such a situation the VPN or Virtual Private Network services are serving the basic and advanced security needs of the internet users in an amazing way. In fact, safety management within a VPN service provider is easier as it provides some centralized server based security system for the users. The registered or subscribed users are supposed to log into one of the central servers situated in the specific locations around the world. And once the connection is established between the users and the servers, the users’ data traffic is encrypted through the VPN connection channel and reaches the server and then the server redirects the traffic to its desired destination and therefore, the unwanted attacks or prying into the users’ information is really difficult. And since the server has a very strong, in fact an almost impossible to crack in security system, the safety provided is more than adequate. Now the questions arise, what about the VPN services themselves? How much access do they have in the users’ data? And how do they deal with users’ personal details or information and do they not pry into those information?

What log do VPN services keep?

By buying a VPN connection, you are actually redirecting all your IP packets to a definite gateway server and let the packets be manipulated there in order to be shown up as packets being generated from the server itself, rather than from the computer that you are using to access the Internet. And just like your Internet Service Provider’s gateways that can monitor all you traffic, the VPN server should also be able to track everything about you. So how are you going to get additional security then?

Actually, the VPN service uses an amazing method for the data transfer, after the first connection between the user and the server is established, immediately after the user log into the server, the VPN server does not look into anything else other than the data packet redirecting. And its only during the log in process while the VPN service tracks and make sure the information is okay. Afterwards, the service simply goes on mute and uses a encrypted data channel which can be decrypted only by the client side VPN software installed in user’s computer. However, the features described above are applicable only to a service provider who is doing the whole thing in an ethical way. If a VPN service provider decides to keep track of all your data and start decrypting your information it can do that. Only the trusted VPN services will never do that. So you definitely should select a reliable and trusted VPN serviced in case you do not want anyone to keep log of your online activities.

Best VPN service that will not log your information:

If you want to know which VPN service providers will not keep track of your information without your permission, then the best possible solutions for you would be the following service providers.