Best VPN for PSP and How to Setup VPN on PSP 3000

UPDATE 2022: As Sony no longer supports its PlayStation Network services on PSP, we’ll no longer update this article. For other ways to connect your modern PlayStation consoles to VPN network, click this link here.

Original Article:

PlayStation Portable AKA PSP is an amazing addition to the industry of the video gaming. From their first introduction in the market back in 2004, this gaming console has been one of the most popular choices for millions of gamers. However, PSP 3000 from Sony Corporation is one of the most favorite gaming devices available in the market due to its unique style and attractive features.

Usability of PSP 3000:

PSP 3000 is just like any other regular gaming console for gamers as their main target is to let users play some amusing games to pass their leisure time. Besides, it also offers other services to the customers as users can listen to their favorite music while playing games and watch their desired videos or movies. Moreover, users can take and store pictures up to the limit of memory card that has been placed in the gaming console. This hi-tech gaming console has also got digital mapping system and graphic calculator which are also worthy enough to attract users. With your PSP 3000 gaming console, you can also use several internet services.

Why VPN is important for PSP 3000?

As a gamer, you might want to get into those online gaming servers in order to play with other users from various countries. However, it is not always safe to roam around the cyber space without taking any precaution or safety measurement so that any unwanted situation can be prevented. In any way, there are a lot of incidences where users had to face troublesome situations while trying to get into those online gaming servers. Therefore, gamers always seek for the perfect solution in order to avoid this safety leak.

There are not many options available for the gamers in order to secure their online outing while playing into those online gaming servers. Even though some gamers might go for the proxy servers that usually help gamers to change their real IP address settings with a proxy one. This process will help the gamers to protect their gaming device from the hackers or the spammers so. Though, proxy service is not at all able to protect user’s personal information while they are surfing through the Internet or are trying to play games on online gaming servers. Therefore, this process can not be a fruitful choice for the gamers if they prefer to use it permanently in order to sort out the security issue.

There is another helpful service available for the gamers in order to sort out the issue efficiently and this service is known as the VPN service. This service usually works on any popular and new devices available in the market. Besides, a PSP VPN connection will help users to protect their online security and privacy while trying to get access into those online gaming websites or into some geo-restricted websites. Moreover, this service will create a secured environment so that users will not have to think about their privacy while listening to music through online system or watching movies from websites. VPN service also helps users through giving access into those websites where users get limited access based on their residency. However, if you prefer to use VPN service from your gaming console, you will have to arrange a supporting software like custom firmware 5.03 GEN-A. This arrangement will certainly give you total access of activating the PSP VPN service without facing any sort of hassle.

How to Connect PSP 3000 with a VPN service?

If you would like to connect a VPN connection for your PSP 3000 gaming console, you will have to arrange a router like DD-WRT as this router is one of the best in market when it comes about performance and functioning capacity. Besides, you have to choose PPTP protocol in order to make it activated.

How to set up a VPN connection for PSP 3000?

  1. Purchase a router like DD-WRT, which is firmware based.
  2. Open the DD-WRT control panel and then move to the service tab option.
  3. After entering into the service tab, select the option called “VPN”.
  4. After selecting the option for VPN service, you have to enable a option named as “PPTP Client”.
  5. Enter all the detail information of VPN service provider that should include PPTP server IP address and your username along with password.
  6. After providing all the information, you will need to enable the option called “NAT” and you have to leave out all other options intact.
  7. Then, you will have to navigate to the main tab of security for opening up the firewall settings tab and disable the firewall of SPI.
  8. After disabling SPI, you have to move to the main administration tab and to the sub tab where you will have to select the option of “Management tab”.
  9.  At last, you have to restart your operating system in order to enable the router on your preferable VPN service.

The best VPN for PSP 3000:

You can pick the best PSP VPN based on the service quality and rate. The following list will let you know which the leading VPN providers in the industry are.

RankProviderStarting Price
1Hidemyass$11.52/ Month
3StrongVPN$21/ 3 Months