Watch BBC iPlayer outside UK

The BBC iPlayer is an on-demand service from the BBC where you can watch live BBC channels, stream most of TV shows, and catch all of BBC’s award-winning documentaries. For British citizens, the service is free but it requires that you’re currently paying television licence from the network. However, using their streaming service is limited only in UK and it cannot access everywhere, except for offline downloads which it was done when still in UK.

How to Use BBC iPlayer Outside UK?

When leaving the country, you need to download each episodes for offline viewing while in UK before you go. While this is a valuable solution, you might miss new episodes or even you forgot to download it while you’re still in UK. In order to bypass country restrictions, you need a VPN to bypass it.

VPN gives you not just a UK-based IP address, but also some privacy and security features that protects your internet traffic from surveillance and malicious trackers. Best of all, most VPNs are capable for streaming videos so it gives you a very decent speed. It unblocks everything, not just the BBC iPlayer but also gives you access to US Netflix, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Paramount+ and more!

Choose the Best VPN service Designed for Streaming!

We made the Top 5 VPN Service Providers of this year that’s also designed for streaming content including from the BBC iPlayer so you better check that out!