Configuring Public Wi-Fi Hotspot VPN for iPhone

Why should you use Public Wi-Fi Hotspot VPN:

Public Wi-Fi VPN services are becoming very popular among users for several reasons. If you are using Internet service and wireless hotspots with sharing network services, this VPN service will be an ideal choice for sure. Besides, it is also necessary to some situations when you are not being able to control the network. There are many of the cases where people have complained about getting leaked out their personal documents and files through shared networking system.

How to get benefited from Public Wi-Fi VPN

However, you can make the best use of Hotspot VPN services in different ways. As you are connected through a Hotspot VPN, your IP address will be one of the servers as seen by your Internet server provider. Therefore, at the time of surfing, the website owners can’t be able to detect your IP address and other information if they prefer to do so. This VPN service allows users to explore through any of the websites without having any traffic control by the webmasters. This service can be an ideal option for those people who need to visit different countries. They often face problems while trying to surf through to their desirable websites due to some limitations.

How to set up a VPN on iPhone

To use your preferred VPN, once you have an active subscription to your preferred VPN service such as NordVPN, simply just install the official app via Apple’s App Store and simply do the first setup screen on the app and you’re good to go.

Best VPN providers:

The following list consists of the top providers serving the industry with the highest ratings from the consumers for their affordability and user friendly customer support.