How to Set up VPN Connection on iOS

VPN for iOS – an easy way to protect your iPhone and a gateway to restricted websites:

If you want to protect your iPhone from the random attacks of the fishing websites or the hackers, the best way is to hide your identity behind a duplicate one and only a VPN or a Virtual Private Network can provide a solution for that. In many places, where free internet is provided, this security issue cannot be neglected at all. Besides, you can access geo-restricted content that isn’t available in Netflix in your region, access apps that isn’t available in the country such as Tidal, Peacock, Paramount+ and iHeartRadio.

How to set up VPN connection on iOS:

The easiest way to do is to install a VPN app from the App Store. After you installed it, quickly open your VPN app and then set it up from there.

But if you want to set up VPN manually, here’s a guide for you. Take note that this is based from iOS 15:

  • Open the Settings Menu and selection the General tab
  • Then go to VPN & Device Management, and then tap VPN
  • You will find a option popping up for adding a new VPN configuration
  • You can choose the protocol for this one
  • In the next section you will have to insert the details you have received from your VPN service provider about your account set up and user related information. You can also give a name to your VPN connection here. You will also have to add information like the VPN server name, user or account name and the password to get connected to the VPN service.
  • Then you just have to set off the RSA secure ID, turn on the auto mode for encryption and also enable the ‘send all traffic’.
  • After that your connection is complete and you can start using VPN from your iPhone or iPad or the Apple product where you have set up the VPN connection.

The Best iOS VPN for you:

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