VPN for Blackberry

UPDATE 2022: BlackBerry devices are no longer supported (except for Android-based ones such as Priv, DTEK series, KEYone and KEY2), hence we no longer updating this article. For more info about VPN apps for latest iOS and Android devices, see our Top 5 VPN Service Providers here!


Mobile devices have become one of the revolutionary devices in modern world. It is quite impossible to spend a single day without using these devices as they have become the prime choices for communicating with people in the recent years. Moreover, these devices have made people’s life easy in various aspects. If you think about entertainment, mobile device has already made a strong influence through offering loads of exciting features for the customers. Nowadays, users can do most of the things they desire for through a mobile device without having any additional hassle. Therefore, numbers of mobile users are increasing at a high speed due to its capacity of providing exclusive features for the customers. However, users can use Internet service through their mobile devices which have been a major contribution in hi-tech industry.

Many of the Internet users prefer to use Internet from their mobile devices rather than personal computers or laptops as it is less time consuming and easily portable compared to other systems. Moreover, there is a new edition to the mobile world which is known as the smart phone. This mobile device has the capability to run any GUI operating system just like personal computers and laptops. Therefore, users have got chance to experience different features while surfing through the Internet.

Black berry- a must have for this generation

BlackBerry is one of these smart phones that are offering amazing features for cell phone users. Moreover, this smart phone offers some specific features in case of using Internet service. One of the key features is the usage of VPN service through this mobile device. However, there are many users who think that VPN for BlackBerry is not possible. Though, it is not true as there are various smart models of VPN for BlackBerry BlackBerry from which VPN service can be used efficiently. All the smart phones from BlackBerry are capable enough to activate VPN service. Here, VPN service works just like working with a personal computer or laptop. After activating a VPN service, this smart phone can get access to any of the restricted websites available in the cyber world and at the same time gains the safety while doing so. Besides, VPN service will help the users by providing them enough connection flexibility whenever they will try to get access.

Usability of BlackBerry VPN:

Most of the top rated VPN services have the capability to work on both personal computers and laptops along with different mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry etc. the process of setting up a VPN for BlackBerry is just similar to the set up procedure for the personal computers and laptops. However, the usability of VPN service into BlackBerry devices is not much common due to the lack of options available.

How to Set up a VPN for BlackBerry?

Setting up a VPN connection for BlackBerry is not a difficult task at all. You will need to follow some sequential steps in order to make it activated. The steps are the followings:

  1. First, you will need to make contact with the customer service of your preferred Internet service provider so that they can allow you using the VPN server. Besides, you have to make sure that this allowance has been given to you until you ask for the stoppage of this service.
  2. After setting up the allowance for using the VPN server, you have to enable the Wi-Fi connections through selecting the option called “Manage Connections”. Select the option of “Wi-Fi” in order to make it activated.
  3. After making Wi-Fi activated, you have to save up the settings.
  4.  Go to the “Options” menu and click into the icon named “VPN”. In to the box you will see an option named as “Enable VPN”. Click on that icon and you will see a login box.
  5. On the login box, you have to enter your username and password which has provided by the customer support officers of the VPN service. After entering the details into the login box, click “Login” icon. After that, your connection will be activated and you will be able to use it whenever you want to.

Final Thoughts about VPN for BlackBerry:

With the addition of VPN service, BlackBerry and other similar type of smart phones have become more than handy when it comes about exclusive features. With the help of VPN service, users of BlackBerry can easily get access into any of the available websites in the cyber world. Moreover, they can get into those geo-restricted websites without facing any sort of problems. Therefore, if you prefer to use Internet through your smart phone like BlackBerry, then you will need to choose best VPN blackberry for sorting out all the issues related to surfing through the Internet world.

List of the best VPN blackberry service providers:

Here is a list for you so that you do not have to wonder a lot about which service you would like to get connected.