VPN Enables Safe Usage of Public Hotspots

Public Wi-Fi Hotspot became widespread in late 2000s to early 2010s. It is now available everywhere such as coffee shops, malls, restaurants, hotels and more! But not all Public Wi-Fi Hotspots are safe as some are unencrypted unlike the usual private home, and office Wi-Fi connection.

Hotspots and Users’ Safety Concerns:

Public Hotspots are popular for free or paid internet usage and many people do not feel comfortable while surfing Internet through that.  Even though people know that they’re risky, most of the times proper safety measurements are not taken while using Hotspots as either the risk factor is underestimated or the users do not have enough IT support or knowledge to protect their systems from unusual attacks.

Why You Need Protection in Public Hotspots:

There are many simple solutions for protection in Hotspots. The very first rule you need to remember is that you cannot believe a stranger’s system over any hotspot as they are the harbors of threats. And since, Hotspots are basically cheap services given for free use by the people, the investment in the security system is very low and therefore these Hotspots hardly provide any security to the users. Therefore attacker can easily inject malware, spyware, Trojans or viruses to your laptop or mobile computing devices through open ports or other network back hole. The usual protection you get through the Internet firewalls installed in your home or office network is not present in the public Hotspots.

How to Get Protection in Hotspots:

A service being risky does not necessarily mean that you should stop using that, rather you should find a way how you can mitigate the risk in the most affordable way. Therefore, by adopting a few easy and simple safety measures, you can protect your system and surf anonymously.

The basic step you can take in order to protect your system over hotspots is to strengthen the basic security system in your mobile computing device. You can use strict security protocols, difficult password protection for important files and folders and many other free security techniques.  You can also use firewalls for your connection son that any suspecting activity can be tracked and preemptive actions can be taken to further harden the security wall. Using a firewall means better security, but it might limit your surfing zone and can create a list of decision points for you where you have to decide between the safety factors. However, the best solution to get a complete protection is to use a VPN which enables you to surf anonymously and thus protect you from unwanted attacks.

Best VPN Service Providers:

To choose the best and most affordable VPN service out of all the available ones is not definitely easy. To help you through the confusion we have studied the market and presented a list of the most effective VPN solutions for you.