Unblock Google+ in China

UPDATE 2022: Google+ was no longer in service since 2019. Hence, we no longer updating this post. To see the Top 5 list of VPN providers, click here!


Google plus- the new service by Google

There is a new service name Google plus that is in fact the new social venture introduced by Google. This product works almost like Face Book or any other social media networking.  This service has become quite popular all around the world just after the introduction. Even though the service is fairly new and has got lots of security issues, this is getting popular day by day. The main reason behind the popularity is because any existing Google user can subscribe for this product without any new registration. This is in fact a means of creating extended networks within the Google registered users. In the past, Google’s Orkut service received popularity only in a few selected regions, but Face Book overpowered that market within a short time.

Google Plus in China

Like many other social networking services, Google plus is banned too in China. The internet users there cannot get into Google plus and enjoy the benefit of easy communication provided by this service. It has been blocked just within a week of official inauguration announcement of Google plus, and the famous firewall of China has blocked this like many other Google provided services in the past.  The official Google plus announcement had created vibes of interest among the tech addicts in China and everyone started to rush towards the service. It is really unfortunate for Chinese geeks that Google plus has been by China’s government. This policy has made the Chinese people waiting for systems and registered as the loss in traffic for different Chinese websites that eagerly wanted to publish the news by using Google plus.

It is hardly any surprise that Google plus has been blocked in China, as it was kind of presumed to be blocked like most other famous and popular social networking websites and especially by those from Google Inc.

How to Unblock Goolge Plus in China

There are many ways to enable users to to get access to a blocked website or any other internet resources. However, Virtual Private Network will be the option for those Chinese people wishing to use Goolge plus from China. In fact for those who prefer to Unblock Google+ in China, there is only one safe and secure choice and that is VPN. Besides, VPN services have some advantages that other services like proxy services cannot offer to the internet users. A reliable VPN service always works. Usually a VPN service works pretty fast, as if no special arrangements needed to be taken.  There might be a few drawbacks of using a VPN service, however, if you want to unblock google plus or any other social networking sites, you have to sacrifice some negativity while using the VPN services.

Best VPN Service used to Unblock Google+ in China:

From the various service providers providing VPN services with different speed and pricing range, we have selected the best ones for your review.

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