Taiwan VPN – Best VPN for Taiwan

As there’s no government restrictions on accessing each websites (including those sites from Mainland China), Taiwan’s internet has some freedom. However in April 2019, the country started to restrict access to Chinese video sites such as iQiyi and Tencent Video to avoid any interference in 2020 Presidential Election.

While there’s not much restrictions, if you’re a tourist or a foreign worker in Taiwan, you might missed some content from your favorite streaming site that aren’t available in Taiwan, such as Peacock, Paramount+ or you can’t access to certain websites. Taiwanese also might need to watch other streaming content not available in their country such as from Netflix US, Disney+ and more.

With a VPN, not just it unblocks websites and streaming content, but also it protects your IP address and your privacy as it encrypts it.

Most valuable and effective VPN service providers for users in Taiwan:

For users in Taiwan, there several kinds of VPN services present in order to sort out all issues related to the Internet censorship laws. Users will have to remember some important factors before they obtain for a suitable Taiwan VPN service. To provide them some sort of help, a list of top 5 VPN service providers has been provided. Users can certainly try out these services as they have the ability to sort out any situation related to the Internet blockage.