New Piracy law & Internet Censorship in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the countries that are noted for the freedom of thoughts and expressions practiced by its countrymen. However, New Zealand government had been secretly imposing some sort of filtering to prevent abuses of child pornography and other fishy sites. And only recently the government has introduces a NZ lawsuit that is basically a new piracy law to protect copyrighted material being used illegally by the citizens of New Zealand. In fact New Zealand piracy law had been evolved from a non public and secret Government Issue of control to a public announcement in the recent time. The basic format of this law indicates that any user will be allowed up to three warnings before the user’s internet connection is finally cut off. However, the following two warnings also come up with a huge amount of fine to be paid by the owner of the internet connection owner.

Is NZ Piracy law actually helping?

Even though this piracy law is in strict use, the way an internet connection owner is punished is still a primary issue of debate, especially in the cases of any large organization like multinational companies, educational institutions and Wi-Fi hot spots etc. In these places, it is not actually possible for the authorities to completely ban the download of unauthorized or copyrighted materials. Besides, sometimes it is not even possible to track the person who actually took the illegal step and the owner of the internet connection has to pay the price under the torrent lawsuit even though he or she might be innocent. The implementation of this law might discourage the educational institutions, libraries and other places offering free internet to stop their amazing services. So this might hamper the internet revolution a bit, especially for the people who are unable to pay for their own internet connections like the students.

New Zeland VPN- A Way Out

Anyone wondering to find a solution to this problem should consider use a VPN for New Zealanders and tourists in that country. These services actually gives the user a anonymous mask to use in the Internet so that the user’s activity cannot be tracked by the government authority even if anyone downloads torrents or other such materials using the masked connection. The best part is the users identity shows up from a completely different region as his or her IP address is routed virtually though a different network and server. In this way the user or the owner of the internet connection is completely safe from the ban.

Best VPN services to deal with the latest New Zealand piracy law:

To help our readers to choose from the available VPN service providers for bypassing New Zealand’s current Piracy law We have generated a list of the five very best VPN service providers for NZ citizens.