How VPN Helps You to Get a Cheaper Skype Rate

Skype- The Most Popular VoIP Application:

If you are a web geek, there is no way that you do not know about Skype. This application is the most popular Voice over Internet Protocol (IP) application for two decades. From personal to business use and sometimes even on educational purposes, the use of Skype service is quite extensive. You can now talk to anyone with a Microsoft account for completely free of charge and the communication can be audio-visual, meaning you can either make a audio call to your contact or it can be a video call. The voice and the video quality of Skype is generally good, if you have a good internet connection. And the most amazing feature that is available with this software is that you can buy Skype credits and can make low cost calls to any cell phone or landline phone in the world. And the cheap call rates on Skype are one most desirable feature that people seek for while they want to make a call to some foreign land.

The Rates of Calling with Skype

The overall calling rates on Skype are comparatively cheaper than any usual phone. However, if you use calling cards, phone cards or other such services you can easily make calls using your PC or laptop from the associated software installed in your system. Yet, those software are not usually compatible for a mobile device. On the other hand, if you want to call with Skype, you can easily make calls either from your computing device or from your mobile device. Skype has compatible versions for both the computing and the mobile devices. The only requirement is you need to get connected to an Internet service which is required also in the cases of calling or phone cards. Once you are connected to internet you can use your Skype credit to make calls. And depending on the region from where you are accessing the internet service, the charge will vary. For example, if you are calling to a US number, then the cheapest way would be to be connected from a US Internet Service provider and then make the call. Since Skype detects your IP address to determine where you are calling from, you can only hope to get cheaper rate from a distant place than the calling destination is to show Skype that you are calling from the same region or the country.

VPN- the Only Feasible Solution to Change Your IP and Get Cheap Call Rates on Skype:

So in order to trick the Skype application the best way is to use a VPN service that would enable you to use one of the many IP addresses situated in many countries around the world and when you connect to Internet and allow the VPN service to reroute your data traffic through the secure VPN tunnel, then you are thought to be a user from the country where the VPN server is and thus Skype charges you less if you are calling to the same country or the same region. Besides, using VPN will make your Wi-Fi usage safe and secure.