How to Watch Netflix from in Indonesia

While a localized version of Netflix is available in Indonesia since 2016, it had a complicated relationship with the country due to a very stricter anti-pornography censorship laws related to its content. It was blocked on the state-owned telecom firm, Telekomunikasi Indonesia until 2020. As a result, Netflix Indonesia might have some censorships and some of its contents including some from Netflix Originals not being available in that region as a result. The only solution to unlock all of Netflix content from US or other regions that isn’t available in Indonesian version is to use a VPN.

Watch Netflix US content in Indonesia

Another reason why so many people choose VPN to access Netflix is that VPN services can cost as low as five U.S. dollars a month, depending on your service provider and location. The Netflix subscription fees are also very affordable, thus the entire service would cost less than 30 U.S. dollars a month, which is acceptable price for a streamline service like the one offered by Netflix. With a VPN, you don’t need to do some manually set up your router or your device to connect to a VPN if only for one use. You’ll only just need to easily install their VPN app on your PCs, smartphones and tablets, do the first set-up process and you’re good to go!

Best VPN for Watching Netflix US (or other regions) for Indonesian Citizens

These are the Top VPN Providers. We handpicked those with good internet speed that’s designed for streaming content. We recommend ExpressVPN as it offers high quality videos with minimal buffering.