How to Watch Hulu in Australia

If you live outside USA, then you may not be able to watch Hulu as their buffering system will allow only US citizen. Outside US, its service is actually part of Disney+ streaming under the “Disney+ STAR” content hub. However, if you would like to watch Hulu in Australia, then you have to figure out some ways to make it possible. There are several possible ways available for watching Hulu from Australia. You can use some proxy servers to access the network of Hulu. Though, the proxy services are not satisfactory and users tend to get irritated due to some errors they create while surfing. There will be time when you see that you got stuck in the middle of a live sports game while watching them through the online system. Besides, there will be moments when your preferred proxy IP addresses will get blocked by the system authority due to legal issues. Moreover, their buffering process is extremely slow which will make you suffer badly while trying to watch live online based TV shows.

Disney+ STAR and Hulu

As Disney is now majority owned Hulu after the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, one of the owners of Hulu, they decided not to expand Hulu outside US, but instead they decide to form a content hub for Disney+ called STAR (named after the former name of the Asian satellite TV broadcaster meaning Satellite Television Asia Pacific). But some content from Hulu aren’t available in the STAR content hub in Australia.

Watch Hulu Australia using VPN

However, if you prefer to watch Hulu from Australia, you have to get an American IP address to make an access to their networking system. If you do not have an IP address from US region, then it is not possible to watch live streaming TV channels like Hulu. VPN service will certainly on the top choice for sure as they will offer you a safer and faster browsing period. Besides, they do consider that your privacy is the highest priority and they are strict to their users’ privacy policy for a better security and safe services for the users. This will provide you a solid chance to get watching those popular live streaming TV shows or Channel without concerning about the legal issues or privacy.

Best VPN Services to watch Hulu in Australia:

The following list is a carefully picked set of VPN services that offer the best services and will offer you a variety of options whereby you can watch Hulu Australia.