How To Unblock Websites in China

In China, Government imposes a strict censorship over many different websites. People in China hardly get the complete freedom with internet usage.  There are many popular websites that people cannot get an access to. Under the People Republic of China’s current’s internet censorship policy, the list of blocked websites include all sorts of social media sites like Face book, twitter, My Space and etc. Sometimes, if any other country’s media has anything to say against China, the government bans that country’s media websites as they did with Norwegian media. Some email facilities like Google are sometimes blocked too. There are also many video or audio sharing sites that are blocked in China. Image sharing websites like Flickr or Picasa are blocked as well. Blogging platforms are also under this restricted usage, to prevent people from expressing direct complain against the government authority.

Why would people want to Unblock Websites in China:

In this era of free communication, it is not likely that you would want to be restrained from using all those wonderful websites offering so many varieties of functionalities. Chinese authority would like to announce that the reason for blocking these websites are to be able to maintain stability inside the country, stop content abuses and regulate the usage of Internet to improve the rules and regulations. However, many people do not think that their activities should be ruled or governed completely by the authority and therefore they are eager to find effective ways to Unblock Websites in China.

What are the options to Unblock Websites in China:

To Unblock Websites in China, several ways are being used by the residents of China. Sometimes, they use proxy servers to hide their identity and browse their desired websites. But free proxy servers are hardly available and they are not trust worthy as they might be doing some fishing activities on you. Besides, proxy websites get banned very often due to strict supervision maintained by the government of People’s Republic of China. So far, the most trustworthy solutions that can be used to Unblock Websites in China can be determined to the VPN in ChinaThese VPN services provide anonymous identity to the service taker and thus the restrictions on blocked websites do not work anymore. These services are well worth of your money if you are careful and chose one of the best services. Using VPN services provided in China, you can surf freely and manage to get back the lost access to the world of Internet.

Best VPN in China for the websites’ unblocking:

Since there are many VPN operators that provide their services in China, you might be in a dilemma while choosing the right one for you. We have done an extensive market research and prepared a list for the top VPN service providers in China.