How to Setup VPN on Google Nexus One

UPDATE 2022: The Nexus One is now considered obsolete as Google no longer supporting that device and it can’t be guaranteed to make an older versions of their VPN apps worked on that device. Hence, we no longer update this article. For more info about VPN apps for latest iOS and Android devices, see our Top 5 VPN Service Providers here!

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Features of Google Nexus One:

The Google Nexus One is one of the popular types of smart phones that runs through an Android based operating system and it has already created a new vive in the cellular industry. Many users thought it would compete with Apple’s iPhone which has been another wonder in mobile phone sector. However, there are some incredible features in Google Nexus One that have already made enormous interest among users. If you think about its exclusive features, there are many aspects to talk about. Some of the specific features are mentioning here:

  1. This smart phone has a large touch screen which is about 3-7 inch that includes the vibration feedback.
  2. It has much faster than the Droid with a Snapdragon processor of 1 GHz.
  3. Auto focus camera with 5 megapixel of resolution along with LED flash.
  4. OLED screen with same resolution and size which is similar of Droid.
  5. It has got 512 MB memory space with a Micro SD slot.
  6. Ships are unlocked.
  7. Multi touch is unavailable for Google browser and Maps.
  8. 1400 mAh battery life.
  9. Home screen is divided into 5 panes.
  10. Has got noise suppression technology.
  11. Voice calls are processed through the standard network connections and not routed with VoIP.
  12. Micro USB is used for data connection and charging.
  13. It supports the latest version of Android OS with several applications of Google like Google Search, Gmail, Google Talk and YouTube.

VPN for Google Nexus One:

Google Nexus one can be used as like other smart phones in case of using the Internet service. If you have this smart phone, you can certainly use any of the available service in the cyber space. Moreover, you can access any of websites including all of the popular type of live streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Pandora. However, there are many reasons of getting a secured online system while surfing into the Internet world through using the Google Nexus One. In order to get a secured online outing, it is necessary to obtain a service through which all sort of online privacy and security can be obtained. Unfortunately, not all the sources can provide adequate online security for users.

However, there is another unique service available for the Google Nexus One smart phone users in order obtain a top class online security service while using the Internet service, and this service is signified as the virtual private network. You can easily get proper online security system after signing up for a Google Nexus One VPN account. Besides, this specialized service has been using by many of the corporations and institutions due to its unique features while surfing through the cyber space. Using this specialized service, many of the corporations and institutions are being able to secure their confidential information properly, and they can easily transfer all sort of important information without concerning of getting hacked. If you prefer to use your institution’s or business company’s VPN connections into your Google Nexus One, you will need to follow some sequential steps in order to make it possible.

Configuration process of VPN service on the Google Nexus One:

There are some basic and easy methods of using the VPN connection into your smart phone. You will just need to follow them one by one. Here, steps of activating VPN connection for the Google Nexus One are mentioned:

Connection set up for the VPN for Google Nexus One:

1- At first, you will need to click on “Home” and then, “Menu” button. After getting there, click on the “Settings” options in order to open the application.

2- After launching the application, you will have to click on the “Wireless Controls” and then, click into the option called “VPN Settings”.

3- Getting into the VPN settings, you will need to click into an option termed as the “Add VPN”, and you have to add a VPN type of your choice in order to set to your Google Nexus One mobile phone.

4- After setting up the VPN connection type, you will have to configure out all the information that you already got from the network administrator in order to set up network’s VPN settings.

5-  Now, save all the settings through clicking to the “Menu” option and then, click “Save”.

Best Google Nexus One VPN service:

If you prefer to use Internet service in a secured manner with your Google Nexus One smart phone, then you should select a paid VPN service provider in order get all the support that you might need while browsing to the cyber world. Besides, you will have to check whether your preferred VPN service is compatible with your smart phone or not.

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4IAPS$8.32/MonthVisit Provider Site
5VyprVPN$14.95/MonthVisit Provider Site