How to Hide Your IP Address

When you connect to the Internet, your computer or your network router is given a public Internet Protocol address. As and when you visit websites or any Internet servers, the public address assigned to you gets transmitted. It gets recorded in the log files that are kept on the servers. These log files leave behind the steps of the Internet activities done by you. If, however, you are able to make your Internet Protocol address hidden, the internet activities performed by you become much more difficult to trace.

There are two ways with which you can hide your IP address. These are proxies or VPNs . Using proxies to hide your IP is not a safe method.

Hide your IP address with VPN

VPN is the best solution to get a solution to how to hide your IP address. Using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is a secure and fast method. You can access streaming sites that aren’t available in your country such as HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, etc. VPNs do require paying a monthly fee. This fee depends upon the VPN service you are hiring. But, this is the subscription that acts as an investment which is worth the couple of dollars per month. Moreover, you get an unlimited access to the internet every month. If you live in China, you need to make use of the Virtual Private Network service to get an access to Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the other websites that have been blocked by the government of China.

VPN provides you with a secure communication channel over the Internet. The traffic you generate or you receive is completely routed through the VPN. This traffic gets transmitted through the VPN you use that makes use of the tunnels that further use the Internet Protocol address. The professional VPN companies do not believe in keeping the Internet usage records. Thus, this eliminates the any kind of unauthorized, accidental or any kind of malicious access to your data by any means. These tunnels aim at providing you the complete security which not evens the Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides. Another advantage of using the VPN service is that you no longer have to worry about changing your operating system or the configurations of your browser. Limited or no connectivity is not an issue with the VPN service. If however, at any point of time, you want your VPN IP address to be changed, you can get it done by just contacting the company.

As your IP address provides information about your physical address, internet service, web browser and the type of the computer you operate, using VPN offers you with a reliable and trusted way to access your internet anonymously keeping your personal information safe and secure.

Top 5 Best VPN Providers for hiding your IP

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