How to Get an American IP Address in Canada

Canada is one of the nearest countries of America and there are loads of similarities can be found between each other in case of their culture and geographic location. But there are several things that Canadian citizens do not get chance of getting access like American TV channels. Besides, there are some websites available in America that can only be accessible if you have an American IP address while browsing. Therefore, Internet users from Canada do not get access to those websites as their IP addresses won’t allow them to surf on these popular websites.

However, there are several advantages of having an American IP address rather than other types. As most of the Internet users know about their live streaming websites like Hulu, Pandora etc, and also some content from Netflix that can be found in US region. These are available only for the US citizens. Besides, there are some cool websites available that are running from US networks and can be accessible through an American IP address. Therefore, if you prefer to have an experience to watch out these live streaming TV shows or movies from those popular websites or watch news or other programs from American live TV channels while living in Canada, then you certainly have to check out some options.

How to Get USA IP in Canada

There are fewer options available for the Internet users if they like to have an American IP address in order to get those advantages while surfing through the cyber world. One of the options is to use proxy services. They will provide you an IP address that will cover up your real IP. This is usually helps when you only browse to different websites as their security is not up to the mark. Besides, users can not feel safe while using them to get access into some geo-restricted websites as they get detected and blocked down so easily by system administrators of those particular websites.

Use VPN to get USA IP in Canada

If you look for a best option, then you can select the paid VPN service in order get all advantages available in the cyber space. This service will help you to get an American IP address from Canada as most of the better service providers do have servers in America. So, you can easily obtain an American IP address without short period of time. Moreover, this VPN service will provide you the top security and privacy service while browsing and prevent you to get into some unwanted or unauthorized websites. Besides, they will help you to protect your personal database from hackers by signifying you as an anonymous user while surfing. So you will not have to think about your personal database while watching live streaming TV shows or movies or checkout cool websites from America.

Best VPN service for a US IP in Canada

The list below talks about the best VPN services currently available for you.