How To Bypass The Great Firewall of China

Using Internet has become a basic human right in most of the countries around the world. However, in China, the government put extreme restriction on Internet usage in order to neutralize several online or social media based protests. These restrictions do not follow a single set of rules and the restriction policy in China is considered as one of the most conservative ones in the world. Chinese authority monitors the website activities and also controls the popular portals in China. There are Special Forces to track individual’s networking activities. A large number of journalists and individuals have been arrested in China as they expressed their opinions against the corruption or other government policies. About 30,000 internet police members are active all the time to regulate the censorship in China.

Bypass the Censorship in China:

However, there are several ways that people use to get rid of this problem. The most popular one is to bypass censorship in China with VPNMany people do not like the forced censorship on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram or other sites that are used as tools to spread personal opinions. So, they want to bypass the censorship and enjoy the freedom of surfing the internet beyond the imposed boundaries.

There are many VPN service providers that offer VPN service for the organizations or the individuals who want to bypass censorship in China with VPNThrough this service, an internet user is actually provided an encrypted and anonymous entity through which he or she can communicate to the rest of the world as an active user. This method is a revolt to the Golden Shield Project which is alternatively known as the Great Firewall of China. A VPN actually refers to a Virtual Private Network that uses the typical telecommunication network and encrypts the data trafficking in a way that the user’s identity is kept safe and since the actual network identity is hidden, the internet regulations cannot stop the user from free surfing.

Apart from VPN, there are other ways to bypass the censorship. However, services like using a virtual proxy or using third part services to be able to connect to Skype and other services can be blocked at any time. In the other hand users of a VPN service, do not get blocked as they are encrypted in a way that it seems they are from a network which is physically situated in some other places. Usually all the service providers in China they offer bypass censorship in China with VPN reroute the users through a server in Canada or the United States or any other country where internet policies are not restricted at all. Even the user feels like he or she is directly connected to the server in Japan or the United States. However, some VPN providers allow the users to use the service on some terms so that the end user’s right is reserved at all times.

Best VPN providers in China:

If you are residing in China, (other than Hong Kong or Macao) you still can get connected to the exciting world of Internet and make the most out of it. After some serious research on VPN providers in China we managed to find 5 capable VPN providers that provide the best VPN services: