How to Access from the US

What do you get from the service? is a very useful service and it let the users upload all sorts of files to the web server they have dedicated for the users. Therefore, by using this service a user can upload anything they want to. This service also allows you to upload the ftp files. In case if you want to share your media contents or photographs you can use this service. Again, the ftp file upload can be used if you need to upload files for your free websites or blogs. This is basically a great help for the people who need to share large files on the internet and does not have the money to buy own server or hosting services.

What are the recent announcements by and why?

Recently, the entertainment industry lobbyists in the United States have been reporting against all the large web based file sharing services and as a result of that the US government has shut down the popular web service called by suing them for copyright law infringement. This is why the other shared files upload enabling services have become alerted. is one of those services and they have taken pre emptive actions before any lawsuit is finally filed against them. To keep them away from the copyright debate and lawsuits, they have started to stop the access to their services for the people accessing the internet from the United States. Therefore, if your internet access point is somewhere from the United States, you will not be able to use their service at website.

How do they filter out the users from the United States?

As an internet user you probably have heard about the Inter Protocol address or the IP address? Do you actually know what this address is and how does it work? Well, this IP address is basically your virtual identity assigned to you by your local Internet service provider. Whenever you go to some website or get connected to the internet for any other reason like instant m essaging, video or audio streaming or file sharing, your IP address is the determinant of your location representing which country or city you are accessing into the internet from. In fact this how the web services can track from where you are accessing into the internet. has already employed this IP tracking system in their website to stop the entry of the US based users in their website and to stop them from using their file sharing services so that the US law enforcement division cannot do anything against them according to the existing copyright law.

How does a VPN service can escort you from the IP tracking?

Now, you would definitely be wondering what you should do if you are living in the United States and still want to access the web service of In fact this service has been mostly been popular inside the United States where a large number of people have been using this service over years. Well, if there is a problem anywhere there should be a solution as well. This case is not an exception either. There are ways whereby you can actually hide your IP address and can get access to the services that are otherwise not available for you to use. Now, the question is how you can actually manage to hide your IP address. Since the service is actually used by the people that need to upload large files, the IP hiding procedure should be a consistent one. Otherwise, you will find that your service has been interrupted in the mid of your task and is completely lost. Now, there is a service called a VPN service or a Virtual Private Network Service and this specific service is able to provide you what you need to get away from the IP blocking. With the help of this service, you will be able to get an alternative IP address that will emerge from some other country other than the United States and therefore the IP tracking system in the web service cannot track if you are from the United States and you will still be able to use the service.

Actually, the process how a VPN work is interesting. Usually a VPN service has their servers in many countries of the world. When a user gets a subscription to one of this VPN services, he or she can choose the country of the server they want to log into. So the system basically is something like that you will choose your login server based on your requirement. To use this service you will need a VPN client installed in your machine that will let you connect to the VPN service providers’ servers. The installation process of a VPN client is very easy. Nowadays, most of the operating systems have their built in services available to install the VPN service. Once you have the registration and the VPN client installed, you can communicate with one of the VPN server of your service provider. In order to get access to the, you will need a non American IP address, therefore you will have to log into a server that is situated in other countries. All you will have to do is to connect to the server and send all your users requests using that server. In this way, your real IP address will be hidden and all your data packets will have the IP address of the VPN service. Therefore, the IP tracking service will not know that you are actually accessing the service from the States. And this is how a VPN service will allow you to use the service from the US.

Which VPN Provider Serves you the best?

While picking the right VPN service provider for you, you need to make sure that the provider have enough non US servers, high Bandwidth limit and if possible unlimited data usage, since you will need all of those to access into service and upload your files despite of their sizes. From the market study and analysis of users reviews, it is evident that only the following listed service providers are the ones that you should be looking for. And of the top provider is hide my ass VPN provides because of their affordable and reliable service quality.