HMA (formerly Hide My Ass) VPN Review

There are several varieties of VPN services available in the Internet world. Therefore, as a user you will find it fairly difficult to select the appropriate one that will be able to fulfill your demands. However, it is really important to select a consistent VPN service according to their offered features that may suit your needs. There are many HMA VPN reviews that prove that one of the best VPN services is the HMA VPN service which is providing services to thousands of Internet users around the world in a very efficient way.

Specialty of the HMA VPN Service:

HideMyAss VPN service provides the support of OpenVPN protocol that have a user friendly software application process through which users can easily connect into their servers located all over the world and do all sorts of works that may not be possible with other free VPN service or proxy services. However, this VPN service has got a numerous servers in different locations around the globe. Moreover, this service has provided various exclusive contents for the customers in order to meet their demands. This service also provides an excellent and easy to use software installation application through which users can easily install the software without knowing anything about the related technology and can start using their preferable VPN service. And the specialty that has created an enormous demand among the users for Hide My Ass VPN services is that they provide the users with the flexibility of switching between all the available protocols and the best part is that you do not need to pay any additional fee for this switching service. This is completely free for you.

Positive Aspects of HideMyAss:

Hide My Ass VPN Service supports all the protocols for VPN services like L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN protocols etc. All the available operating systems are supported by this VPN service such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and DD-WRT firmware. The current operation area of this provides are expanded over 30 countries around the world. They support all the available supporting systems such as convenient application processes. They do not usually put any Bandwidth limit for their users. Another important aspect is that the users can enjoy free switching between servers and it is unlimited. Even their pricing plans are quite cheap compared to many other service providers in the market. People may even go for their 30-day trial service version and continue if they think this is the right one for them. And you would be amazed to know that if you are not satisfied with their service quality, they are ready to give your money back to you in 30 days. Moreover, they provide excellent and unparalleled customer service for the existing and the potential users.

Negative Sides of HMA Review:

Although, there are hardly any major problems with the Hide My Ass VPN service, there are only a few flaws that have come up from the users point of view. One of the major drawbacks is their US based management and server location, which is in a way good as the people outside the US need this support in order to get access to many US only websites. Besides, sometimes the PayPal users and credit card merchants suffer for not being able to get fixed IPs. And log in security cannot be defined as one of the strongest in the industry. In spite of all these minor flaws, Hide My Ass stands out to be the best solution for the internet users.

Pricing Plans of HideMyAss:

Hide My Ass VPN service has an extremely affordable rate chart for the potential users. The cost table is listed below for your convene ice.

  1. One month package costs about $11.50.
  2. Six months package costs about $51.
  3. Twelve months package costs about $79.

Speed Test Feature of HideMyAss review:

Bandwidth speed of HideMyAss VPN usually depends on the location of the servers and their associated technical support for generating an optimum speed level. Moreover to get a clear Hidemyass Review, you should know that this VPN service offers various packages for different countries and the speed level will be different due to difference in location of the server.

HideMyAss provides the users with an easy to use software application at a reasonable cost relative to the market. They have a large number of servers but not enough off shore servers. Has a very decent speed despite it’s not kinda fastest. The application uses state of the art coding, which makes it very easy to set up and simple to use. The privacy policy is less than ideal as certain personal data and IPs are logged and stored. That is why I am only targeting Open VPN service by HideMyAss in this review.

HideMyAss is a solid VPN service which provides its users with good support, an excellent software tool and larger server network, but the only problem is with privacy. Where it prevents others from sniffing your data or eavesdrops on your conversation, as the service stores and caches personal information.

Hidemyass Pro VPN PROS

  • Easy to use convenient application.
  • Unlimited free switching between servers.
  • No bandwidth limitation.
  • Allows P2P.
  • Large server network.
  • In the middle of the market price range.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Fast servers.
  • Good and attentive support.

Hidemyass Pro VPN CONS

  • Slower speeds than the competition
  • Few off shore servers.
  • Past privacy issues
  • Management and server network is predominantly located in the USA.
  • Not compatible in China
  • Dynamic IP with no Fixed IPs for using with PayPal & Credit Card merchants.

Concluding remarks- should you Get an Account with Hide My Ass VPN service?

HMA VPN is one of the good services available for the customer as it provides a wide range of servers around the world with over thousands of available IP addresses. Therefore, it will be a good purchase for the customer. This service not only provides all sorts of flexibilities of using the VPN service, but also ensures a secure and private communication gateway for their customers. This VPN service supports all sorts of available devices that have the capacity to use VPN service. Besides, if you prefer to get access into any geo-restricted websites in any place beyond the boundaries, then HideMyAss will be a perfect choice as it will provide different IP addresses for different countries. Since, this service provide all these benefits that a user might seek from a VPN service provider and all at a very competitively cheap price, the HMA VPN Review will definitely be positive.

After carefully reviewing all the Secure VPN service providers out there, one can easily say that HideMyAss is the best service provider out there. For those of you who don’t know what a VPN service is, it is a virtual network that bypasses all the securities and provides the user with un-blocked and unlimited access. A VPN service removes geographical constraints and provides user with secure line to browse the internet. What most of the VP service providers do is that they don’t provide consistent services. Some may mask your IP with a dummy IP which has been already used as a mask for another IP address. Some may provide you with software which is hard to use/install/set up.