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File sharing and downloading services.

Almost all of the internet users who need to download files for different reasons might have already tried the Bit Torrent or other torrent for that purpose. However, torrent is the system that functions based on distributable sort of file sharing method. If you get a torrent file, this file will connect to a tracker which in turn helps you to get a Bit Torrent client to find out other computer devices all around the world that are actively sharing that particular file. Besides, your capability of finding out files and downloading them will totally depend on other user’s sharing and more importantly on the quality and speed of the internet connection that you are using. Therefore, it is not possible to detect whether this sharing process is secured enough or if there are many spammers or trackers are also present on that system that can cause serious damage to your operating system or rob all the personal data and information. Therefore, it is important to get a service that can provide adequate online security while going through the whole process of file sharing with a torrent service. It is particularly crucial to hide your real identity while trying to share files through a torrent system. Therefore, torrent is not a secured file sharing process for Internet users due to security issues while using the Internet service.

Usenet: The history of a secured service to share your files online

However, the Usenet is a private and secured process of file sharing and it is far stronger and safer than any other services available. You will need a faster broadband connection in order to get the best out of the Usenet service of file sharing. Usenet is an older form of file sharing system in the Internet world and this service has been started since early 1980s. It was created to provide a globally distributed discussion system and some of the subgroups were simply created to initiate discussion about software, hacking, hardware, movie criticisms and alternative lifestyles. Nowadays, Usenet is primarily based on the binary groups and is introduced as an NZB file sharing system. Moreover, Usenet always trusts on the binary groups system and sub groups that are specialized in the process of distributing the non-text files. These files are broken down into pieces and are shared as several text blocks in the form of thousand sequential Usenet messages. Music, software, photos, movies, TV shows and many more can be found in the binary groups. Though, it was a difficult and annoying process of getting into the binary groups and there were instances of improper and erroneous downloading and unpacking of the files. Therefore, that system was finally changed and made way to the NZB file system in order to make the whole process much easier while using the service.

Problem with Usenet Speed:

Many of the Internet users, who prefer to download files through Usenet service, often complain of experiencing slow Usenet service even while having a faster broadband Internet connection. Though, it usually occurs when your preferred Internet service provider reduce the bandwidth speed by putting a speed cap to the Usenet service. These types of incidences are quite regular and many of the users have already complained of getting this type of unwanted situations with Usenet Speed while using the Usenet service.

Process of hiding Usenet Usage from Internet service provider:

The only way to disable the speed cap set by the Internet Service Providers and to get fast Usenet speed  is to use a VPN service that would encrypt your data traffic through a secured channel and thus your Internet service provider cannot track the data that is being transferred using the Usenet Service. And to enable a rapid Usenet Speed increase, a VPN service would provide you with an alternative IP address and in this way your real IP address or the identity would be hidden from your ISP and also the Usenet data traffic will be hidden from the monitoring of the ISPs. And therefore, the users will be able to increase their Usenet Speed.

Best VPN to get fast Usenet speed:

More or less all the VPN service providers contribute to increase the Usenet speed. But only a few can confirm a stable service like the following ones.

RankProviderStarting Price
1Hidemyass$6.55/ Month
3StrongVPN$21/ 3 Months