Difference Between Free and Paid VPN Provider

If you are a regular internet users and is seeking for a way of ultimate secured web browsing, then a VON service should definitely come on the top of your list as a solution. A VPN service is actually the creator of a Virtual Private Network in a way as if you are browsing inside your own secured network. This system works in an interesting way. The service providers have several high quality servers around the world. Any subscribing user is given a set of log in information and once you are logged in all of your data traffic is tunneled through the virtual network that the providers give you. In fact, this is just an oversimplified way of presenting how a VPN service work. The actual procedure is far tougher. However, without going into the details as a user, you simply need to know whether a VPN service gives you the benefit and the opportunities that you need. Are your data traffics properly secured and is your anonymity established appropriately?

The Available VPN Service Providers

In terms of cost effectiveness, there are basically two types of VPN service Providers, one are the paid VPN services and the other is the free VPN services. Since anyone will definitely want to pay for a service if they can get it for free from someone else, the question is whether you should go for the trap as well? Is a free VPN service good enough for you?

Which one is Good for you-The free VPN or the Paid VPN?

Well, what happens is that a free VPN service provider can provide you a free service as it is sponsored by some other company.  And when a free service shows some other company’s advertisement it might be irritating for you. And this irritation is not the only point to consider. Besides, a free VPN sometimes allow these third part websites to track your online activities so that they can market their goods according to your browsing behavior. For example if they find out that you had been looking for gadgets or a smart phone, then they will try to show you advertisements on smart mobile phones. And since your main purpose of using a VPN service is to be able to surf anonymously with adequate amount of security for your system, it is very likely that you will not like the idea of being tracked by some third part in between. In addition to these, the security system deployed in the VPN servers by the free VPN service providers is not very strong. There had been numerous incidences where users of such VPN services have ended up being robbed off their valuable and sensitive personal information. Some business organizations have even been rouged off their business information and money.

Best VPN Providers

Therefore, in order to get the desired anonymity and privacy, you better choose a paid VPN provider. A paid service has the organizational resources to enable safety and security for you without any sponsorship and they mean to serve their customers the best as they are the main revenue generating sources for them.