Bypass Internet Censorship in Iran | Best VPN for Iran

Iran has the second most numbers of internet users in the Middle East, and the first place is taken by the technologically advanced Israel. In the beginning, the Iranian authority allowed quite freedom with the use of internet. As days went by, people in Iran started to take this freedom as an opportunity to be able to express their opinions which is in fact is difficult to do in the restricted media provision enforced in Iran. Once there started to form a type of protest against the government and its activities, the government started to impose censorship over internet usage inside Iran. This censorship is also a tool to dominate the country’s flow of information and generation of public opinion against the existing authority.

How this Censorship is implemented

Iran government is using a smart filtering system to monitor and filter the usage of internet in Iran.  And this monitoring is quite easy for them as all the ISPS in internet are regulated by the telecommunication surveillance organization run by the state. Since all the data transfers are routed through this state run organization, they have all sorts of controls over the transfer. Besides, Iran has special monitoring for the internet connections and usage by the opposite political nonconformists. In addition to this, all the ISPs are bound to keep all the data used and transferred by a client up to three months, in case of any cross check is required by the government.

The Effect of this Censorship over Iran’s Internet Usage:

Mainly the most popular photo, image and video sharing websites like You Tube, Flickr, Face book etc are either blocked or under strict supervision in Iran. Any kind of pornographic content access is strictly prohibited there as well. Besides, social networking websites like Face book and Twitter are monitored very closely so that no unwanted content is there and the owner of the pages are punished if anything is found. Many blogger and free thinkers have been imprisoned for their opinions too.

How to Get Rid of this Censorship:

To be free of this censorship is a dream for many Iranian Internet users. However, the best way to get the freedom of desired internet usage in Iran is to use an Iranian VPN. An Iranian VPN provides an anonymous identity to the users and that’s how their identity is protected in cases where they want to express themselves without any boundaries.

Best VPN for Iran

If you are wondering which Iranian VPN will be best suited to cater your internet usage need, you can consult this carefully researched table of the best Iranian VPN service providers that we have prepared for you.