Best VPN To Use in China in 2012

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Restriction On Internet In China

There are some countries where Internet usage is restricted totally due to some obligations that have been set by those country’s authorities. China is one of the countries where Internet censorship has been implemented in recent years. The country’s government has set this up to prevent any sort of political activities through an online system and to prevent opposition party to make contact with other countries in order raise their voice against the government’s activity. Therefore, many of the Internet users from this country along with the foreigners who visit this country for travelling, business purposes are not being to use Internet for their own reasons. Many of the Internet users are looking for an option through which they can bypass the Internet censorship and get access to those popular websites around the world. There are some options available for them like proxy servers and IP address hiding tools but these are not capable enough to bypass the strong firewall system deployed by the Chinese government. Network authority of this country has implemented a firewall system through which users can not bypass with a mere proxy server. However, there is another service for the people of China and those who lives here for different purposes. If you prefer to visit popular websites like Face book or Twitter, you can certainly do that through this specialized virtual private network service. Moreover, if you prefer to watch videos from YouTube or other online based TV channels, you will need a VPN service for sure in order fulfill your desire while staying in China.

How A China VPN Can Help:

As, most of the Chinese users know about the restriction of Internet usage and access into those popular websites. So it is important to implement an idea that can provide an opportunity to use all the services that are available on the Internet. If you are living in China, then you can use the VPN for china to bypass the restrictions available in your country. However, this China VPN service will help users by providing those IP addresses that may not be detected by the system administrators of the government. Therefore, users can certainly get into websites around the world without getting concerned of their IP getting caught and blocked by the authorities or the Chinese government. For those foreigners who live in China for business or travelling, they can certainly visit their favorite websites without getting into any sort of trouble. Besides, you can contact in other countries for business purposes which is really important if you have an export and import business.

A VPN service works through a virtual network where users get a definite IP address in order to get access into those restricted websites. This specialized service helps them to hide their real identity while trying to bypass the firewall system. Therefore, it will not be possible for any system administrator to detect the real IP address of that particular user. Moreover, this service will make users anonymous so that they can visit any of the websites or watch online movies from those geo-restricted websites without blocking down by the website’s authorities due to restricted obligations.

Find The Best VPN In China 2012

Being a Chinese user, it is crucial to keep in mind about the online security and privacy as you prefer to get access into those websites that are absolutely restricted for you. Therefore, you need to make sure that preferable VPN service can provide all the beneficial features that you want while using the Internet service. Besides, you need to ensure that, this service provider has the capability of transferring the entire data traffic in a secured manner and do not give a chance for any third party source to get this data and create problem. Anonymity is another aspect that you must look for while selecting the best VPN in China 2012 as you will need to be anonymous while bypassing the network blocking system and make access into your desired websites. This anonymity service will help you to hide your identity and protect you from the authority along with the hackers and spammers while surfing into random websites.

So, if you prefer to get access into Facebook, MySpace or Twitter and any other live streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu or Pandora while living in China, then you will need a China VPN service in order to get all these features. However, there are several VPN services available that claim to provide access into the unbanned cyber world while living in China. Yet not all the VPN Service providers can bypass the firewall system; therefore, you will need to check out all the top charted VPN Services that claim to provide services for Chinese Internet users.
A Top 5 list is added below to bring you the convenience.These are top 5 VPN providers for China.

RankProviderStarting Price
1Hidemyass$6.55/ Month
3StrongVPN$21/ 3 Months