Best VPN Service for Malaysia

Beyond 2010, Malaysia had been one of the free countries for the internet users. You could literally do anything in there. However, in the recent time, somewhere in the mid of the 2011 Malaysian government has imposed strict rules against P2P torrents and file sharing in the cyberspace. In case anyone would be found sharing any copyrighted contents on the internet without any prior permission from the copyright holders, the person found guilty would be heavily penalized based on this new legislation. This is basically one of the few increasing number of incidents where the government in the countries are taking active parts in stopping online piracy. However, it is assumed that Malaysian government might go for even stricter rules for such piracy or other internet security related issues. However, many of the freedom seeker internet users in Malaysia are actually against any such bans. As they say that such laws will only stir the use of such file sharing by other means creating a total chaos.

The Reaction among the People about this Internet Censorship:

And sometimes, many innocent people will be penalized for either not knowing or for letting other people using his or her internet connection. Since the law will detect the online activities of the Malaysian internet users based on their IP addresses. However, many internet service providers assign the users with the same local IP addresses, therefore it will be a difficult job for them to identify which one is breaking the law and thus failing to penalize the actual outlaw.

Many users are protesting this decision and a number of government websites are being hacked as a sign of protest. There had been a study saying that almost 51 government websites have been attacked by the hackers in protest to the file sharing law.

So, how do you come across this law?

While the hackers are protesting, and people are increasing their voices against this law and any further restriction on internet in the future, you still need to share your files or download torrents and you can definitely  not do it openly like you cannot drink in Malaysia in an open road. So all you need is a smart other way around so that you can still manage all your desired activities and at the same time keep your online activities away from the eyes of the government and their monitoring. And to do that you have to hide your own IP address first as the government keeps tracks of the users online records based on their IP addresses.

How does a Malaysian VPN service can help?

In fact, a VPN will enable you to hide your real Ip and instead get an IP from any other country. All your data transfer will be secured through a data tunneling that uses encryption methods to provide safety to the users.

What will be the best Malaysian VPN service?

There are quite a few services out there that will let you mask your Malaysian IP and let you surf the internet on a free pair of wings of Malaysian  VPN. However, you need to make sure that the service is reliable, affordable and easy to manage before you finally sign up for them. Some of the best customer friendly VPN service providers to provide you with the best Malaysian VPN are listed here for you to check and compare.