Best VPN for Vietnam

Vietnam is listed by the internet freedom seekers as one of those countries where internet users do not get the freedom they are supposed to get. In the name of blocking abusive contents and child pornography, the Vietnamese government has actually imposed political bans on the people. Whoever wants to express any protest or disgust against the government and government activities, they are definitely in trouble. It has been seen in the past years that Government has punished independent bloggers or micro bloggers or web based journalists just because they have published some news that deemed ‘harmful and against the state’ to the government.

Vietnamese government censors most of the western media websites and also a lot of communication based websites where people can communicate with each other and the government fears that they might form some kind of opinion against the government and a strong opposition might stand up from the community any times. Besides, the incidents in Egypt and Libya latterly, where the rebels had communicated with each other and with the outside world by the means of the Internet have made the government quite wary about the use of internet in the country. Mainly the web filtering is done by the government and under their supervision by the Internet Service Providers across the country so that nothing like in Middle East happens inside the country. All the Internet Service Providers are bound to keep all the user activities for further record keeping and are also bound to deliver the information to the government in case they ask for it.

Although the technological development has made internet available to everyone and the web services that we found in today’s cyber space are quite interesting for the new generation, the people in Vietnam always run the fear of web filtering and getting caught by the government for any sort of ‘inappropriate’ internet behaviour defined by the government.

How to Get away from the new censorship imposed in Vietnam?

Like many other people, you are probably wondering how you can make your internet life easier while living in Vietnam. The answer is pretty simple actually. First you need to figure out, how the authority is going to monitor your internet activities. They will obviously do it through your IP address, so in cases, where you can hide your IP address, you will be able to get around the bans. And if you look through the resources found on the web space you will definitely find out ways to mask your real IP address. However, using the services like proxy servers or IP hiding software comes with malwares, spywares and many such malicious objects and put your online privacy and security into danger. Besides, you cannot be sure that your online activities are completely anonymous and therefore you always run the risk of getting caught of illegal activities over the internet even when you did not intend to do anything like that. For example, if you have simple written a blog or commented on someone else’s blog which the government considers to be politically wrong, you will be in trouble.

Get a VPN and hide your IP from the government:

If you want to hide your internet activities by hiding your real Ip address, then you must register with one of those VPN service providers. The providers will let you connect to one of their servers situated in some other countries of the world. For some providers, they have VPN servers in many countries around the world and when you are given the necessary registration information you are given the provision of getting connected to any of them while you are trying to hide your IP address.

VPN or Virtual private Network works in a pretty interesting way. When you get connected to a remote VPN server, all the data transfer that your internet connection will make will go through that particular VPN server and the transfer is done using an encryption method. Therefore, no one else is ever able to know exactly what requests you are sending over the internet and therefore your IP and your online presence- both are completely safe from the intrusion of your Internet Service Providers and the government bodies.

Since, your IP is hidden, you will also enjoy the ultimate online security while browsing malicious websites like gaming server or torrents download services providers’ websites. And your online journey will also be safe in case you are using internet from a high risk place like free Wi-Fi zones or poorly secured network. The hackers and the spammers are unable to decrypt your data and cannot track back to your machine to track your sensitive information. Again, while you are using a Vietnam VPN, even the other web services are unable to track back to your machine, so they cannot block you from accessing their geo specific web services and cannot also put any of their adware on your machine to track your activities.

Which Vietnam VPN will be the best for you?

Out of all those available VPN service providers in the market, it is really confusing and troublesome to be able to find the right type of VPN for your personal or official use. However, depending on your need you should compare across the features and packages offered by the providers and choose the one that you think would be optimum for you. The list below consists of the top 5 best VPN providers that the customers are really satisfied about.