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South Korea is one of those countries where democracy still in a vulnerable condition. Besides, this country has implemented Internet censorship for several years that have been set that is related to the political situation. Moreover, the country’s authorities are still trying to suppress anonymity on the Internet usage. Therefore, this country is in the Internet enemy list of RSF (Reporters Sans Frontiers). It is still not sure from when the Internet censorship policy will be withdrawn by the government of South Korea.

 Internet access and usage policy in South Korea:

Internet service in South Korea is known as one the leaders of Internet connectivity. Besides, the capital city of South Korea is signified as the “Bandwidth capital of the world” and recently, the country has become the first one that has achieved more than 50 percent per capita in the sector of the broadband Internet penetration. Moreover, there are more than 2 million of Internet users present in South Korea and the count is increasing more and more as the day passes by.

What kind of technology is used by the South Korea in order to implement the Internet access?

The respective authorities in South Korea have used a policy in order to prevent users from accessing into random websites. The system administrators have activated a system through which users will have to verify their age in order to use the search engines available in South Korea. Therefore, users are always asked to provide their national IDs so that, age verification can be done easily. Moreover, all the foreigners that are present in South Korea will have to provide their scan copies of passports in order to do the age verification. These restricted have been applying in most of the leading search engine websites except the Google. However, there are many websites that have been blocked by the respective authorities and all of these websites are related to pornography, gambling, and controversial political issues. Therefore, the government has pursued restrictions on the usage of Internet service for all the people in order to prevent any sort of unwanted activities along with critical issues.

What options are available for the Internet users from South Korea in order to bypass restrictions?

There are several reasons available for the Internet users in South Korea to search for an option through which they can bypass all the restrictions that are available while using the Internet service. However, there are not many efficient sources are available for the users in order to sort out all issues related to the Internet censorship. Sources like proxy services and IP address hiding tools are not fruitful enough to provide freedom for them while surfing through the Internet world. They are more or less vulnerable to get detected by the respective authorities of South Korea. However, there is another source available for the users South Korea through which they can easily bypass all the firewall systems while using the Internet service. This unique feature is tagged as the VPN system and users can get all the beneficial responses if they prefer to obtain this service. Besides, a South Korea VPN service can provide top notch online security and privacy which is extremely important while trying to bypass the firewall systems. Moreover, a VPN account has the capability of providing anonymity power through which users can easily get into any of the website without getting noticed by the authorities. Being an anonymous user, you will be able to get several benefits while surfing through the websites as no one will be able to detect the online presences of users. Therefore, the risk of getting spammed or hacked gets relatively lower than before. If users prefer to obtain their personal databases in a secure manner or need to transfer into a specific location, they can easily do that while using the VPN connection. VPN service uses a secured encryption process through which all the databases can be transferred properly along with good security as it uses a specified VPN tunneling system. Through this process, anyone will not get a chance of leaking out the information in order to release them in the cyber space.

Best VPN service in South Korea:

There are several VPN service providers available that claim to provide top class performance for the users in South Korea. Unfortunately, these free VPN service providers are not capable enough to provide an adequate performance in case of online security and privacy. However, there are both free and paid South Korean VPN services available for the users, but most of these free South Korean VPN services will not be able to provide better condition in order to bypass all sorts of restrictions. Therefore, it will be better obtaining a paid South Korea VPN service in order to get all the essential features that are related to the Internet usage. Besides, you will have to assure that, the South Korean VPN service has the ability to support all the available protocol systems along with popular devices like a personal computer, laptop, gaming consoles and smart phones. Moreover, you will have to be assured about the service quality of the South Korea VPN service providers as you will need to get some assistance while trying to bypass all the firewall systems. Here is the list of Top 5 VPN Providers for South Korea citizens.