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Latvia is a country situated in North Europe. Latvia became independent from Soviet Union only in 1991. However, within a very short time after their independence, this country has joined in the European development mission and they became a part of the European Union. Because of their high development rate they had been tagged as one of those countries that had the highest Human Development Index. In 2008, they had experienced a sharp decline in their economic progress, though they managed to cover that within a short time and by 2010 they were already back to track. Currently Latvia economy is quite stable and the overall situation is improving again.

Internet and the freedom in usage in Latvia:

Like any other European countries, Latvia is also one of the places where internet usage has been taken as a sign of freedom and the government believes that all the citizens have equal rights on internet without any sort of monitoring. Therefore, the people in Latvia enjoy the complete freedom regarding to the use of internet and all the popular web services. Most of the teenaged people are now Internet users through their smartphones. In all sorts of organizations, Internet is a must. Specially, in the big business organizations and the higher educational institutes, internet is free to use for all.

Internet security and online privacy issues in Latvia:

Even though, there is no sort of internet censorship present in Latvia, the online security situation is not very good in Latvia. The lack of government monitoring and activity tracking is one of the main reasons why the number of cyber attacks in Latvia is pretty high. There had been a number of incidents where intruders have robbed other people’s personal information in Latvia. This information usually was quite sensitive. Some were robbed off their credit card information, whereas some hackers hacked the personal details that had been used against the person. However, since there is no IP tracking in Latvia, it gets really difficult for the Latvian government to take any actions against the hackers. However, such situations are not dangerously frequent. Yet, in places where internet access is free like Wi-Fi hotspots in the cafes or libraries, it is usually of high risk to expose your computing device to the cyber world, especially when it contains lots of personal data.

How Latvia VPN can help?

If you want to secure a safe browsing situation for your pc or computing device, you will have to make sure that you can keep you identity hidden to the other users while you are accessing a public internet service. How you would actually manage to hide your identity online? In fact, IP address denotes your online identity and therefore by hiding your IP address from the web world you can hide your identity and browse anonymously in any place. With this provision of IP hiding you can manage to hide your identity in place regardless of the level of internet security implemented in that network. And the special service that can efficiently hide your IP address is the VPN service. So, when you get connected to Internet through the VPN connection, there is a software based encrypted tunnel created between you and the VPN server and the outside world only sees that there are some data transfers between you and the server and cannot decipher the data as the code is set between you and the server only. This is how your information is protected from any sort of cyber robbing.

Therefore, if you get a Latvia VPN, you will be able to browse the internet anonymously and keep yourself safe from the unwanted attacks in the internet and at the same time there are a few other benefits you can enjoy such as access to geo-blocked sites and stream Netflix content that aren’t available in Latvian version of Netflix.

Besides, if you have a workplace or office in any other country while you are living in or just visiting Latvia, you can use Latvia VPN to access your private network set up in your workplace.

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