Best VPN for iphone 4S | Setup Of VPN iPhone 4S

UPDATE 2022: The iPhone 4s is now considered obsolete as Apple no longer supporting that device and it can’t be guaranteed to make an older versions of their VPN apps worked on that device. Hence, we no longer update this article. For more info about VPN apps for latest iOS and Android devices, see our Top 5 VPN Service Providers here!

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Apple And Its iPhone 4S:

After launching one after one wonderful creation in the hi-tech industry, Apple Inc. is again on the spotlight due to their new product launch named the iPhone 4S that has some exclusive features like ARM cortex-A9 and an 8 Megapixel camera. This ARM cortex A-9 is the foundation of the CPU used for Apple’s newest version of customizing A5 process in the iPad 2. There is a speculation of having a dual core processor in the iPhone 4S just like in the iPad2. In a recent news, it has been heard that Apple is testing the iPhone 4 with the A5 chip along with high profile game developing workers. However, many of the industry specialists think that, the A5 will be dual core when it will be used in the iPhone 4S. Moreover, there will be another feature that will support the dual core processor to be compatible with GSM and CDMA networks. This is expected after the launching of Verizon iPhone 4 that carries Qualcomm Gobi chip which has the capability to support GSM and CDMA networks quite efficiently. However, many of the hi-tech specialists have already claimed that, the newest addition of iPhone 4S will have a feature of integrating the SIM card system. This indicates that users will not be able to replace SIM cards if they want to do so in the future.

Features Of iPhone 4S:

Any new version of iPhone means newer features related to the hardware and application processing. With the iPhone 4S, the most significant value added features are the camera and processor. Moreover, there will be other unique features like Apple’s voice enabled personal assistant system and Siri that are expected to become popular like other applications that were featured in other versions of iPhone. However, most of the applications that are added in the iPhone 4S are designed to get benefited from new A5 dual core processor. It has been claimed by the Apple authority that, the newest addition of dual core A5 processor can work almost at a double speed if compared to their last addition of A4 processor. Besides, it has also accelerated the speed of graphics up to sevenfold. Many of the hi-tech analyzers have claimed that, this is the best smart phone in terms of the hardware architecture and technologies that have been used to make it worthy enough to attract customers. Therefore, it will be a treat for every gamer who prefers experiencing more realistic gaming actions along with fast speed and more fluid graphics. Many of the well known game developers are creating new games that will be compatible with iPhone 4S.

Another noticeable upgrade has been done in iPhone 4S to make it more attractive for customers. Those who prefer to have a smart phone along with a good camera, iPhone 4S can be a good choice for sure as this smart phone has an 8 megapixel camera along with five element lens, a bigger sensor, 1080p30 video capture and a larger f/2.4 aperture. Therefore, users have the opportunity to take better quality pictures along with videos wherever they go.

Enjoy The Best Of iPhone 4S With A VPN:

You iPhone will come up with loads on interesting new features and applications. However, if you do not have a secured internet connection then most of these applications will not be quite right for you and you will be exposed to unlimited danger as the most fun of the iPhone device is the ability of getting connected to a Wi-Fi network from everywhere. Usually most of such networks are free to use and thus do not have any strong firewall against unwanted and illegitimate attacks on your device and thus all your favorite applications might get lost if you cannot secure the data transfer. If you have not already heard about it, the best option towards a a secured hotspot internet security is to use a VPN for iPhone 4S.

VPN service will provide enough security while transferring the data packets. This service usually encrypts all the data traffics through a secured VPN tunnel during the transfer process to ensure security. No third party can get entrance to your personal information or database as VPN system will not allow any type of inward entrance while using the Internet service. Moreover, if you are thinking of getting access into the geo restricted websites through your iPhone 4S while you are probably in some other country for travel or business purpose, you can certainly do that with the VPN service as it will show as an anonymous user whenever you will access into those restricted websites.

Set Up Procedure Of VPN iPhone 4S:

Setting up a VPN iPhone 4S is not that difficult. Many of the users may think that, it requires extra technical knowledge in order to create a VPN connection to their devices. However, one can easily set up VPN connection on his or her device pretty easily after following some simple and easy instructions:

  1. Go the iPhone 4S settings option.
  2. After going there, selection the option called “General”.
  3. After that, click into the icon named “Network”.
  4. After getting in to the network option, select the icon termed as VPN.
  5. After getting into VPN option, you will see a option called “Add VPN Configuration” and you will have provide all the information that may require to fill up the configuration box in order to set up the connection.
  6. In that option, you will need to select the option called “PPTP”.
  7. In that particular box, you will have to select a particular name for your VPN connection and there is no particular name that you will have to put there.
  8. In case of selecting server name, you will have to choose from the available server options by your VPN service provider.
  9. You will have to provide server’s name, account name and password which will be given by your VPN service provider.
  10. After giving all the required information, you will have to turn on the RSA secure ID option.
  11. After making that activated, select the option termed as Auto encryption level and turn on the option called “Send All Traffic”.
  12. After entering all the required information for the configuration of your iPhone 4S, save the settings and come back to the menu options.
  13. Select the option settings and you will get a VPN slider tab that has been added to your settings option just under the option of Wi-Fi connection.
  14. Turn on the option in order to make it connected and start browsing with your secured VPN connection.

The Best VPN For iPhone 4S:

The list below has all the leading VPN Service providers in the market that ensure security and ease of access while using you iPhone for internet.

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1Hidemyass$6.55/ Month
3StrongVPN$21/ 3 Months