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UPDATE 2022: The iPad 2 is now considered obsolete as Apple no longer supporting that device and it can’t be guaranteed to make an older versions of their VPN apps worked on that device. Hence, we no longer update this article. For more info about VPN apps for latest iOS and Android devices, see our Top 5 VPN Service Providers here!

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Ever since iPad 2 was released in the stores around the world, a lot of people has been cherishing to have one for their own. Just like any other gadget user that can be used to access internet, an iPhone user also need to keep in mind that the security issue is quite a vital one for the iPhones. And it is a well known fact that the best security providers for the internet users are the VPN service providers. Therefore, It is important that you look for the best VPN for iPad 2 to install.

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a kind of network that provides you with added security whenever you try to connect to a Wi-Fi or the main internet server and at the same time it gives you more freedom to browse around as well. If this is your first time to own an iPad 2, you might be wondering how to keep your iPhone free from all unwanted attacks and to ensure that which VPN providers you should consider.

Why look for the Best VPN for iPad 2

VPN for iPad 2 provides a plenty of benefits to the iPad 2 users. If you want to access a website, but do not really want to let the website detect your IP address, connecting to one of the best VPN for iPad 2 will be quite beneficial for you. The VPN provider you choose will give you a list of VPN connections that you can log on to so that the website you will be visiting will read the IP addresses of those Virtual connections instead of yours.

Another benefit of using iPad 2 VPN is that the information that you will be sending from your iPad 2 will be encrypted. This means that there will not be any third party interference that can get personal information from your iPad 2. Compared to the available proxy servers that have minimal security, VPN for iPad 2 adds several layers of security for your system, so that you can feel free to use the Internet without any tension regarding your personal security.

How to Choose the Best VPN for iPad 2

While picking the most suitable VPN solution providers for your iPad, you should refer to the ones that are recommended by customers and critics alike. And you should also look for reviews that can help you out. Based on most of the reviews, you will notice that there are three popular VPN providers to date and these are Hide My Ass, Express VPN and Strong VPN. Each of these vendors has their own features that set them apart from one another. Hide My Ass is known for its affordable rate and easy to use interface. Express VPN is also priced reasonably with the ability unblock various sites for your own benefit. Strong VPN, on the other hand, covers a lot of countries with less than $25 fee and fast connection to VPN accounts.

Best VPN for iPad 2

To give you a much better idea on which VPN providers fall in the category of the best VPN for iPad 2, take a look at the table below. Here you will find all pertinent information on the various VPN providers so that you can choose the best one that suits your needs and preferences.

RankProviderStarting Price
1Hidemyass$11.52/ Month
3StrongVPN$21/ 3 Months