Best VPN for DD-WRT | DD-WRT Router VPN

What is DD-WRT?

DD-WRT is an alternative OpenSource firmware that has been based upon Linux operating system with the capability of supporting a wide range of WLAN routers and their supporting systems. The product has been made in order to provide easier handling system through which maximum number of functions can be done within a specific framework. However, it has got logically structured graphical user interface or GUI which is operated through a standard web browser application. It has been processed in such a way that a non- technological person will be able to work with this hardware.

This hardware does not offer just simple handling process but also better stability and speed for giving more efficiency while using this service. Besides, DD-WRT offers a reliable and proper functional environment through which users can fulfill demand for a large number of functions in a professional manner. However, there are a number of users that are providing support for DD-WRT developers in order to make it more efficient. These taste users help the developers to detect all sorts of flaws related to this device and provide suggestions in order to sort out the flaws shortly. Moreover, DD-WRT users can find out the solutions from other users in the users forum along with the contribution of Wiki through which users can easily get to know all the available information about this device in an appropriate manner.

DD-WRT has been supplied in both commercial and free version. For commercial use, buyer will need to get a paid license. However, the paid version will provide the flexibility of configuring the WLAN parameters which will help the buyer to develop strong infrastructure for his or her company. There are some specific features of DD-WRT that are being mentioned below:

  1. DD-WRT has the capability of supporting more than two hundred devices.
  2. Excellent functional capability.
  3. Can support all the current WLAN.
  4. It can support outdoor deployment.
  5. Supports those devices that have enhanced frequencies.
  6. Integration of VPN for DD-WRT.
  7. Has the capability of supporting various hotspot systems.
  8. Has got better bandwidth management system.
  9. Multilingual user interface is present.

The Process of setting up VPN for DD-WRT:

Before you can start setting up the VPN server, you will have to make sure that you have already installed DD-WRT that has got PPTP VPN service eligibility. The DD-WRT will feature the list showing as “PPTP client” into the chart. Besides, you will need to check out the version of installed DD-WRT on your router. If the feature has not been included into the system, you will have to flash the router with the DD-WRT version which has the feature of accepting “PPTP client” into the system.

To turn on the DD-WRT router VPN, select the option called “services tab” and then select the “VPN sub-tab” and after that, click the option in order to enable the VPN server. Once this process is enabled, several hidden options will appear and you will have to configure them as follows:

  1. Server’s IP:  Router’s public IP address.
  2. Client’s IP: You will have to make a list of local IP addresses for using when you want to assign the IP address to client that has to be connected through the VPN service.
  3. CHAP-secrets: For VPN authentication, username and password will be required.

Why and how to choose the best DD-WRT router VPN:

Due to the extreme efficiency of the DD-WRT router, it is the one of the best choice for the VPN server. And the users will get extremely benefited for the functionality of this router and therefore they should choose the service providers they have set up the DD-WRT router for their VPN services.

To get to know which DD-WRT router VPN you should select from the market, you can check the following Top 5 VPN Providers list as it comprises of the ones providing superior service than the others in the industry.