Best Ubuntu VPN | Ubuntu VPN Connection

Ubuntu is one of the most popular open source software for Linux based desktop solution. This one is being developed by a number of motivated and dedicated developers and the users all around the globe.  This platform is very popular among the users as it is completely free of charge and provides a great benefit for the developers needing a cost effective working platform for their machines. In the former years, Ubuntu had a difficult to manage users interface and was quite difficult for the users to get used to it.  However, the recent development has made it quite easy for the users to get used to this software.

Ubuntu and VPN:

Because of the cost free OS and the open source solution, the popularity of Ubuntu is increasing at a great speed.  Everyday some new users are joining the league. And because of internet, all these users are either in need of security assurance or privacy assurance. Besides, many of them would want to hide their identity in order to escape the tight authority in some countries like China and Iran. There is another reason for increased use of VPN is because many users around the world like to subscribe to web based services that are otherwise not accessible for the users. Such services might include the broadcasting services or the news channels that are country or region specific and are not open for the people from the other parts of the world. In order to provide a solution to all of these problems, the Ubuntu users now have a great opportunity for them as VPN service providers have started giving Ubuntu VPN connection that allows the users with the extreme benefits of getting an anonymous identity while they use Internet. And this VPN services are also meant to provide the ultimate security for the data transmission and thus keeping the users privacy in safe.

How to Set up Ubuntu VPN connection?

The set up procedure of Ubuntu VPN connection can be a lot tricky as it does not have any wizard like windows OS. However, the evolution of the Ubuntu has made it possible even for the newbie or the dummies to set the VPN connection. Here are the few basic steps to get it all done:

  • At first you get to start with Synaptic and install Network Manage and Linuxr under PPTP protocol
  • Then you need to choose Configure VPN that is in the VPN connection folder when you get into the Network Connection.
  • In this window you have to select ‘Add’ and then click on Create.
  • And in the next big window you have to provide all the details like the name of the connection, the gateway or the IP address of the VPN server, account name or user name and password and then the domain of the connecting server under the tab ntdomain. Sometimes you have to use the text ‘.local’ in order to make your connection work.
  • After that you need to click on ‘Advanced’. Then select ‘Authentication and then in this section click  to uncheck PAP, EAP, check CHAP, MACHAP-2, MSCHAP, Point to point Connection or MPPE, select ‘128 bit-most secure’, uncheck everything in the setting except for ‘Send PPP echo packets’ and at last click OK.

The best Ubuntu VPN:

It is not easy to find the VPN service that would work the best for the Ubuntu users. However, we have seen a number of services that the users find convenient and supportive like the ones the in the given list.