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Vietnam- another name that is black listed in the world of internet freedom.

There are several countries around the world that have restricted many of the popular websites due to some restriction policies from their respective government. Therefore, millions of Internet users do not get the chance of accessing into their desired websites as they get blocked down by the authorities of the country’s network system. However, Vietnam is also one of those restricted countries where Internet censorship is at its peak.

Vietnamese government regulates all sorts of Internet access extensively in order to prevent their country’s users getting access into some popular websites that gives the freedom of opinions to the mass people. Besides, there has been a project that is called OpenNet Initiatives where it is found out that the level of political censorship over Internet in Vietnam is extremely high and can even be tagged as “pervasive”. Moreover, most of the international reporters have considered Vietnam as one of the fifteen deadliest internet enemies around the world. Though, the government of Vietnam has claimed that they have only provided the safeguard against sexual-explicit content through blocking websites or filtering website’s content that has got sensitive information related to religion or politics.

However, it has been reported by the Amnesty International that many of the online activists in Vietnam have been arrested due to their activities against the government’s law. Besides, it has been found from the OpenNet research is that, most of the blocking incidents are occurring on those websites that contain foreign political opposition, foreign news media services, human rights and sensitive religious issues. Moreover, all types of proxies and other related to those systems are getting frequently blocked by the government supported Internet system administration. And in many cases, a huge number of the Vietnamese websites are getting blocked which has discussed some sensitive issues related to the country. However, websites which are not written in Vietnamese language or are not related in any way with Vietnam’s internal issues are rarely being blocked by the authority.

Access to the Internet and Usage Policy in Vietnam:

Internet service was started from the early nineties while the first Internet service provider as in commercial sector was opened in 1997. According to the stat, there are almost 2.1 million of Internet users in Vietnam. Therefore, it is understandable about the popularity of using the Internet service among the citizens of Vietnam and it is increasing at a steady rate. However, there are several Internet service providers available in this country. Though, most of them cannot provide enough facilities to their consumers due to the restriction issue that has been implemented by the Vietnamese government. This is why many people in Vietnam are looking forward to find a way to be able to bypass censorship in Vietnam

Process of Bypassing the Internet Censorship:

There are several options are available for the Vietnamese users in order to get access into most of the popular websites around the world and bypass censorship in Vietnam. One of the most popular options is the free proxy services. These proxy services will help the Internet users to easily bypass the firewall system that has been implemented by the network system administration. The proxy address will help the users by covering up their real IP address through a proxy IP address; therefore, no one can detect the user’s identity. Though, most of the proxy addresses get blocked quite immediately after being introduced. Therefore, this service is not safe enough to use while trying to bypass censorship in Vietnam.

However, there is another option available for the Vietnamese users through which they can easily get into any website around the world without worrying about being blocked by the system authorities. This service is known as the virtual private network AKA VPN service. This Vietnam VPN service will certainly help the Internet users by providing top notch security and privacy. Therefore, users will not have to think about their personal data leakage while trying to get access into those popular websites. Moreover, this service helps the users by showing them as an anonymous user, so that no one is able to detect the real IP address. A good VPN service will allow the Internet users to make IP address from those countries where they have activated their own servers. Therefore, no one can actually detect your national identity as well as your personal IP address.

The Best Vietnam VPN to Bypass Censorship in Vietnam.

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