Best Dedicated IP VPN

More or less, all the internet users are aware of the term IP, which is a short form of Internet Protocol. And an IP address is basically a unique address set to each unique internet user as an identifier of the particular user. Whenever a user gets connected to the internet, the Internet service providers read the IP address of the user and can track the activities and monitor the users’ internet usage based on the IP address.

 What is VPN Service?

A VPN service is the short name of the term Virtual Private Network. This network is basically a method of hiding the original IP address of the user. What happens in this method is that the service providers own several servers across the countries in many countries around the world. With VPN, the user’s IP address is thus hidden behind the masked IP address and thus the identity of the user is protected and the user can start browsing the web anonymously.

Why VPN is Needed?

VPN is needed for various reasons. There are various benefits that are offered by a VPN service:

  • Provide anonymity to the user
  • Provide a secure data transfer through an encrypted data channel.
  • Enable users to unblock various web services.
  • Let the users enjoy a safe and secured web roaming experience.

Types of VPN based on IP addressing:

There are two types of IP based VPN services. One is dynamic or shared IP VPN and another one is dedicated IP VPN or static IP VPN

More on Dedicated / Static IP VPN

As you probably have already seen that when you subscribe to a VPN service provider, and start to use the internet. However, when you sign in the VPN server will allocate you with a IP address. However if you subscribe to a shared IP address, then the same address will be used by many other users around the world. And a dynamic IP VPN is a cheap one; therefore, you should use it only for a limited need, or even if you want to protect your IoT devices such as smart security cameras. However, if your VPN need is extensive, such as if you live in a country where Internet censorship is quite heavy and you need VPN to bypass that, or if you need to download torrents or others are prohibited by the network administrator, you will have to sign up for a Static IP VPN as only this type of VPN is able to provide you with the required flexibility and reliability.

 The Best Dedicated and Static IP VPN

You can find the best dedicated IP VPN from the following list.

1: NordVPN

NordVPN has a dedicated IP VPN feature with a dedicated IP address from different 5 countries such as US (with 4 different cities to choose from), UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands. It offers decent speeds, privacy and security. It also comes with 24/7 support.

NordVPN offers both static and dedicated IP address. While static IP address is available in its basic services, however, to get a dedicated IP address, you must have standard NordVPN service first and then order a dedicated IP using a coupon code listed on NordVPN’s website.

2: Surfshark

Surfshark offers static IP address from 5 countries (US, UK, Germany, Japan and Singapore). It comes with a decent speed with unlimited simultaneous connections as you can get a static IP on every device you own. Also, it comes with top notch security features such as 256-bit encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak protection and kill switch.

3: CyberGhost

CyberGhost’s dedicated IP option became available recently. CyberGhost’s dedicated Ip service has strong security and has a very decent speed. Their dedicated IP service is more private than the others because the company will not know what IP addresses you’re assigned to you but instead, users are given a token as it can be redeem it in their app. Thus, it allows you to connect to your dynamic IP with no ties to your CyberGhost account.

Best Dedicated ip VPN:

These are the details of  Top 3 Dedicated ip VPN Providers.

2Surfshark$12.95 per month